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Irish Moss Drink The Jamaican Traditional Way

How to prepare Irish moss drink?

If you’re looking for a nutritious beverage that is good for your health and tastes delicious then this irish moss drink has it going on. When it comes to adding the right spice blends to a tropical drink, the Caribbean are good at mastering that fine balance. So let’s see how to prepare irish moss drink?

The traditional Jamaican way on how to prepare Irish moss 

The traditional method for making Irish moss is non vegan. First of all you would rinse the moss several times to remove any debris and sea salt. Then leave the moss to soak and expand overnight in water so it is easier to boil. From there you would transfer the Irish moss and water into a large pot.

Then add thickeners – Isinglass – a substance that comes from the stomach of a surgeon, gum Arabic and linseed (flaxseed). All of the aforementioned would be brought to the boil for 30-40 minutes to make a thick gelatinous substance. Next you would allow the liquid to cool slightly then strain off the liquid which would turn completely into a panacotta/blancmange type of gelatin.

Once the Irish moss gel is portioned, a small amount is added to the blender along with sweetener – condensed milk/honey/milk along with spices and vanilla. Some people turn things up a notch by adding stout, rum, guinness or peanuts for additional flavor.

Irish moss is quite a potent drink known as a love potion in the Caribbean so many women would prepare this for their spouse. Nowadays the drink has evolved so much that it is consumed by both genders.

How to prepare irish moss

How to prepare Irish moss beverage my way!!

My way on how to prepare irish moss Irish moss drink is different from the traditional method.  With that being said, I felt it was appropriate to share the true Jamaican way of making Irish moss because whenever I modify a recipe from my heritage I always acknowledge its origins and reasons for any changes.

Don’t boil Irish moss – As Irish moss is packed with so much nutritional value, one of the main recipe modifications is to NOT boil the moss but rather let the moss soak overnight along with the linseed. Although you won’t get that extra thick gelatin, you will preserve most if the nutritional value which is a lot healthier.

Isinglass and Arabic gum is optional – As this is a vegan recipe Isinglass is forbidden. Gum Arabic is merely a thickener and because we are using the entire sea moss there really is no need to add any additives.

Drain off the water from the moss – This brings me to my other point in respect to creating a thick substance without boiling out the nutritional value

Puree the entire moss – The whole sea moss will be used, nothing is to be wasted. Add the moss/flax water to a high speed blender and puree into a gel consistency.

Sweetener – I like to use a low GI index sweetener to keep within the realm of good health. Agave nectar, coconut nectar or maple syrup are good vegan alternative to honey. You can also use condensed coconut milk for additional sweetness.

Plant based milk – Coconut milk or almond milk work really well. After making this recipe many times I would highly recommend using almond milk as it really compliments the taste.

Store any leftover sea moss gel – Some people suggest storing it in the refrigerator for up to a month. I personally disagree and suggest using the blended sea moss gel in 3-4 days maximum. Alternatively, you can freeze in small portions, ready to use.

Spices – Don’t forget to add your spices – cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla

This is how to prepare irish moss drink my way.

Health benefits of Irish moss beverage 

There are so many health benefits to incorporating sea moss into your diet

  • High in vitamin A, B, C and D
  • Contains Iodine (good for mental health) Iron and protein
  • B12 gives that energy boast levels
  • Treats ulcers and prevents high cholesterol levels
  • Great for hydrating and repairing the skin

Single serving Irish moss drink

If you want to make a small individual serving of Irish moss drink, instead of using the entire bag of moss, simply measure out 1/3 cup of sea moss.

Follow the instructions below only using about 2 cups of water soak the moss. As you will using a small handful of moss you skip making the pureed gel and just add the sea moss along with the rest of the ingredients to a blender.

Is Carrageenan the same as sea/Irish moss?  

No, Carrageenan is a refined and highly processed derivative from the sea moss. This gum extract is what is commercially used in many food and drinks such as ice cream, syrups, and beverages and used as a stabilizer or to add texture. This additive has made recent studies connecting it to IBS, bloating, cancer and even inflammation.

Many people are under the impression that pure sea moss is not healthy when it’s actually the highly processed substance that comes from Irish moss that is problematic.

For this recipe we are working with pure/unrefined sea moss which has not undergone any high processed treatment. The drink itself is minimally processed and not boiled to retain as much nutrients as possible.

I hope you’ll follow my steps on how to prepare Irish moss drink. Share your thoughts!

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